How To Quit Drinking: The Ultimate Guide On Quit Drinking Without AA and Staying Sober

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If you are looking for information on how to quit drinking without AA and staying sober for life, you have come to the right place. In this page I’ll provide you with the information you need to set yourself up for living sober and happy.

the plan on how to quit drinking

Set Yourself Up For Success Living Sober

To quit drinking without AA you need to understand that stopping your drinking habits isn’t enough by itself. Staying sober will require a long term mindset.

But, this doesn’t mean it has to be painful, with the exception of the first couple of weeks, this gradual progress towards a happier living will make you a stronger person.

After you get over the initial “hump”, it will become easier. Understanding the importance of these initial two weeks can make all the difference in your mindset, that is how you position yourself.

By setting up a strong and optimistic mindset, you will become capable of enduring the initial hardship and know just what you need in order to never drink again.

alcohol detox at home and living sober

The Plan On How To Quit Drinking

Before you start, make sure you tell the people in your life what is your goal. If you are trying to help a family member or a close friend to quit drinking. Make sure you make them feel understood, help has to come from a place of love.

Living sober and staying sober becomes a lot easier when you know the people close to you support your goals and are there to help you.

Prepare yourself and your environment, this is one of the most important steps, here are some suggestions on how to do that:

  • Get rid of ALL the alcoholic beverages in your living environment.
  • If you have alcoholic friends and other bad influences, stop being in contact with them. Even though it might seem cold, you will be better off without these negative influences.
  • Don’t go out for the first two weeks. You are trying to reduce the chances of you “running into” a negative opportunity to break your willpower.
  • Study methods on how to quit drinking, buy a book or become part of a program. The more information you use to educate yourself, the more positive influences you will bring to your life. I highly recommend you take a look at the Alcohol Free Forever product pack, they have a lot of informational content. A blog about alcoholism also works, like the AddictionBlog. Being in consistent contact with information on how to quit drinking and staying sober will help you stay on a straight path.

Quit Drinking Without AA and Alcohol Detox At Home

Quit Drinking Without AA, What WILL You Need?

If you are planning on proceeding without AA, you will need to learn how to do alcohol detox at home and how to gather a support network for yourself.

All the tips in the above topic will help you stick with staying sober. But you will need some methods to perform alcohol detox at home.

Here are some tips to make it through with the first two weeks of alcohol detox at home:

  • Keep a journal. This is helpful if you don;t have anyone to talk to, by keeping a journal on how you are feeling, what you are thinking and progressing, you will become more self aware.
  • Start changes slowly. Focus on getting through one day at a time
  • Talk to someone you trust. Tell them about your problems with alcohol, make them know you might need them to get through with this.
  • Keep a schedule. Avoid boredom! Try to keep a busy schedule to take your mind off of things.

To learn some meditation techniques and how to talk about your alcohol problems with other people, I recommend you read the Alcohol Free Forever eBook. In it there are many methods on how to quit drinking and many more tips on how to stay sober. It makes everything easier.

In order to quit drinking without aa, mastering these methods will be essential to living sober.

For extra help dealing with alcoholism, see these resources: (U.S. and Canada) (Australia)