How To Help An Alcoholic Friend

How To Help An Alcoholic In Denial

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Is someone close to you suffering from alcoholism? In this page I’ll share with you the key points on how to help an alcoholic in denial.

These are the topics covered in this page:

  • How To Help An Alcoholic Friend.
  • Breaking Through Denial.
  • How To Help An Alcoholic In Denial.
  • How To Quit Drinking Without AA.
  • Alcohol Withdraw Treatment At Home.
  • How To Stay Sober.

How To Help An Alcoholic Friend

How To Help An Alcoholic Friend

In order to help an alcoholic, you need them to be in a mindset where you are able to get through them.

Being abrasive and creating conflict can only make things worse. You don’t want to place them in a defensive state, to most important thing to remember when trying to get through to them is to not make things personal.

Before you get started trying to help this friend, you need to understand that this can be a long term process of gradual progress.

The first thing you need to learn on how to help an alcoholic friend is how to break through denial.

Breaking Through Denial

Unfortunately there aren’t many things you can say that will help break the denial. However, there are many things you can do.

This is one of the cases where doing is going to communicate more than saying.

People in denial are already aware of their problem, they just create mental barriers to protect themselves from the consequences of their problems.

How To Quit Drinking Without AA

How To Help An Alcoholic In Denial

In a certain way, severe alcoholics are going through the 5 stages of grief. And in order to break through denial, all you can do is walk them through these stages.

The 5 stages are:

  • Denial
  • Pain or guilt
  • Anger or bargaining (despair)
  • Depression or reflection
  • Acceptance

Knowing to identify these stages are essential in learning how to help an alcoholic in denial.

All you can do is try to bring awareness to how the alcoholic is affecting others and him/herself. But once again, don’t do it in an abrasive manner.

The best way to identify these stages and help your friend, is to become more problem aware yourself.

I recommend reading the e-book Alcohol Free Forever, in it you will learn what an alcoholic goes through and the best methods of dealing with alcoholism. Knowing these things are essential to helping others effectively.

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Some alcoholics might be ashamed of dealing with their problems through a community like AA, although this is mostly irrational, you might have to deal with this anyway.

Learning how to quit drinking without AA can also help you help your friend.

How To Quit Drinking Without AA

In order to quit drinking without AA, your alcoholic friend will need to know you can be of support.

Make sure you understand about alcohol withdraw treatment at home. It can be a rough couple of weeks, but after this hump, things can go a lot smoother from there.

Alcohol Withdraw Treatment At Home

Methods for alcohol withdraw treatment at home include:

  • Locking up alcohol.
  • Not going out as much for the first two weeks.
  • Having someone to help you get through.
  • Getting rid of negative influences.

You can learn a lot more about different methods for how to quit drinking without aa with the Alcohol Free Forever information package.

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After helping them through the first two weeks, the alcoholics might still need help to remain sober.

This is a lot easier than helping them get sober.

How To Stay Sober

How To Stay Sober

Staying sober is all about awareness and willpower. Always having in mind how alcoholism works is the most efficient way of becoming capable of identifying when you or your friend might be placing sobriety at risk.

Study alcoholism, read about it from time to time. Develop the right behavior and  routine to stay away from negative influences and environments.

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How To Help An Alcoholic Friend Conclusion

Helping an alcoholic friend takes a lot of awareness about how this problem works. The more you understand about it the more efficiently you will be able to help your friend.

If that friend is in denial you will have to have patience as that friends walks through the stages of this problem.

For more help dealing with alcoholism, check out these resources: (U.S. and Canada) (Australia)